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Markat ME welcomes you to an innovative community in the Middle East, inspiring, guiding and supporting passionated entrepreneurs and business owners. Launched in 2016 we are still growing, which gives you the change to join us at an affordable budget while reaching a unique portfolio of active users, with new joiners every day.
Why Online Advertising?
- Increase your website traffic with an effective and affordable online campaign.
- Create instant clicks where you see results right away.
- Reach out to a specific target group with active users.

Our Taget Group
Who are you advertising to? Markat ME is reaching a wide range of Middle Eastern entrepreneurs and business owners, where quality, style and ambitions, is in focus. Your campaign will be seen both by men and women, between 15-40 years old.
We reach about 20K monthly visitors at the moment.

Why choose Markat ME?

If you are sharing our target group, or at least a part of it, it is an easy and effective way of increasing traffic to your site. Our costumers are visiting Markat ME to grow their business, so by choosing Markat ME for your next campaign, you reach out to a specific group of active users, ready to become your customers too!

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Our advertisement products

We offer different advertisement banners, customised to your budget and needs. Our team is ready to support you with the process and we will be more than happy to answer any question you might have.

We accept ready banners, however we will approve your banner before publishing it in order to keep our high standard of a professional site, where design and apperance is in essential.

We can also help you with the design of your advertisement if you do not have a ready banner already. For assistance in tailored banners, please contact us at