April 12, 2016
PANGOLIN Sunglasses
April 12, 2016

JAVAN RHINO Sungalsses

385.00 د.إ

The Javan Rhino is handmade with a dark beech wood frame.

It’s coupled with a high quality TAC polarised gradient lens offering UV400 protection.

Comes with a handmade natural bamboo case and microfibre cloth.

Sold By Wild Wood ME
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Handcrafted from nature our mission is to combine reclaimed wood with excellent design and a touch of craftsmenship from our talented team of creators. Based in Dubai, we’re looking to drive eco-friendly fashion in a region where the environment is often regarded as inconsequential.

At Wild Wood each of our sunglasses include high quality polarised lenses offering top class protection, fused with a natural wood frame, making for a truly unique product.

You may have noticed that each of our products is named after a particular endangered species. We’ve done this not only to represent the natural look and feel of our collection, but also to bring some character and individuality to each of our sunglasses. More importantly however is the awareness we hope to raise about these endangered animals through our products. Even if the impact is equivalent to a drop in the ocean from a small business like ours, at least it’s a start 🙂

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