STANDARD – Nordic Christmas
October 11, 2017
Baby Bazaar – Hilton JBR
January 5, 2018
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RISE Dubai Creek Habour

300.00 د.إ500.00 د.إ

Terms & Conditions

■ By registering for this event, the vendor commits to the market hours. It is at no times acceptable to leave the venue before time, and setup must be complete by 12noon.

■ A deposit of 500AED must be issued to Designers POP UP when registering for the event, to ensure that the vendor is committed and professional towards the event hours and operations. The deposit will be refunded in cash by 11pm on the event day. If the vendor has registered for more than one market day, the deposit will be refunded on the last day of participating.

■ In case of illness, the vendor will be responsible for finding a new vendor that can participate on behalf of him/her. If the new vendor is selling different products, they must be approved by Designers POP UP beforehand. Designers POP UP can in that case not reprint the name label for the stand.

■ Designers POP UP has the rights to adjust and support the vendor with the look and feel of the stand. It is required by Emaar to keep a neat and clean stand with a professional look.

■ The vendor is allowed to bring their own product setup to their stand. If the vendor is requiring any additional setup from Designers POP UP, this must be required at its soonest after registration.
■ There will at no time be issued a refund, once the payment is issued.

■ The vendor must proceed with the payment within 24 hours after registering for the event, in order to keep his/her booking.

Sold By Designers POP UP
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